Social Media: Are you on it?

Customer dynamics on the Social web

Wikipedia describes Social media as media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques. It is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue.

However Social Media has now morphed into platform that is larger and more empowering than merely turning communication into an interactive dialogue. It has become a powerful tool for customers to get a direct audience with brands they consume.

Social media sites have become a primary mouth piece for consumers to share not only their social experiences with those that matter, it has also empowered them to voice their opinions, perceptions and experiences about various brands and categories they interact with. This platform has truly made the ‘Consumer King’ as he expresses, controls, dictates and even co-creates brands with the marketers. It has brought the business and the brand closer eliminating any via media in the dialogue. Resulting in a dialogue that is real time, unadulterated, candid which gives the consumers direct access to the brands and brings brands closer to their audience, to not only understand but also impact their psyche.

While marketers are continually attempting to harness the power of social media, this space also gives companies a great platform to influence their consumers and get a sharper pulse on the impact of their marketing initiatives, be it online or offline. It is not only a touch point for the brand but also a message board where consumers are relentlessly voicing their delights, thrills, pain points, concerns about interactions with the brand or its communication.

The anonymous, unobtrusive and open source nature of social media, allows for consumer sentiments to thrive. There are a hundred different mouthpieces in the social world where consumers post rich unsolicited feedback

– Blogs
– Forums
– Social networking sites
– Consumer reviews on products and services

…are just a few of the places where consumers are organically talking about brands and their experiences, both positive and negative. So needless to say, it has become important for marketers to keep their ears glued to the virtual space in order to get real-time feedback about their brand.

This blog post is written by Purvi Busa, Associate VP & Business Director, Brandscapes Worldwide
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Brandscapes specializes in marketing analytics and insight consulting for consumer goods, services and the retail sectors. We leverage the power of advanced data mining tools and the practical marketing and communication planning expertise to distil actionable marketing insights.
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