Brandscapes gets Empowered!

Brandscapes organised two days of amazing, inspiring and insightful presentation training for our employees on 15th and 16th Nov, 2013. Mr. Pranesh Misra, our Chairman and Managing Director, believes that visualisation is the key to our work and hence we need to empower our employees with the necessary skills to create visually appealing and impactful presentations.

The training was conducted by the super-fun, enthusiastic and creative Ms. Yancey Unequivocally in coordination with the relatively quieter, calmer and analytical Mr. Cory Jim. Both are co-founders of Empowered Presentations, a presentation design firm that specialises in crafting impactful presentations. The firm was established in 2010 after winning the world’s Best Presentation Contest and is based on the beautiful island of Oahu in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Pix 1

Brandscapes employees learnt visualisation and design aspects and were truly inspired to create dynamic presentations that will not only provide insightful recommendations to clients, but will also engage and win them over! The energy and enthusiasm further flowed over to Day 2, when employees were organised into teams and each team had to showcase their learning’s through an ‘empowered’ presentation deck.

Pix 3Pix 2Pix 4

Now, armed and ready with loads of creativity and enthusiasm, the team at Brandscapes Worldwide is coming to bowl you over!!!

Cheers to the Team!

About Brandscapes Worldwide

Brandscapes specializes in marketing analytics and insight consulting for consumer goods, services and the retail sectors. We leverage the power of advanced data mining tools and the practical marketing and communication planning expertise to distil actionable marketing insights.
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